Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/22/2020 - 6:00 PM
Category: Personnel
Type: Action
Subject: Consider Approval to Hire Professional Staff
District Goals:
Objective #2: Human Resources
Provide professional growth and improvement opportunities for all teachers, principals, paraprofessionals and other school leaders to further a high quality education for all students. * Licensure/Experience of staff; * Recruitment and Retention; * Professional Development; * Absenteeism
Enclosure: Recommendation Attached
File Attachment:
Recommendation AK.pdf
Budgetary Impact:
Recommendation: Approve
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Jolene Meyer - PR/Exec. Asst.
Signed By:
Mary Whitrock (SUPT) - Superintendent
Vote Results:

Original Motion
Member Betsy Heffernan Moved, Member Andy Lyke seconded to approve the Original motion 'Approve'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 8 Nay: 0.
The motion Carried 8 - 0
Tom Stellmacher     Yes
David Scott     Yes
Andy Lyke     Yes
Gary Rodman     Yes
John Sperger     Yes
Josh Rieder     Yes
Nate Zimdars     Yes
Betsy Heffernan     Yes